Help and Troubleshoot


  1. You can approach any of our dealers in Singapore to purchase Joven products. The list of dealers can be found in the list of dealers page. Alternatively, you can contact any of our Customer Service number at Tel: (+65) 62833181, 67493772, 67496421
  2. Please contact JOVEN Customer Service number at Tel: (+65) 62833181, 67493772, 67496421.
  3. Storage water heater systems are multipoint systems that provide hot water for more than one outlet in the household. Whereas, Instant water heaters are single point system that provide hot water for a single outlet of use. Storage water heater systems are needed for Bathtubs, Jacuzzi's, Rainshowers, Mixer taps, Sink, Kitchen or Washing machine. Instant water heater system only provides hot water for shower only. House piping is essential for a successful installation of your unit, therefore, do ensure double pipings are ready for your storage water heater and single piping for your instant water heater system.
  4. A site survey would be required to access the type of installation before we can determine the cost of installation. Please call customer service centre for more details at Tel: (+65) 62833181, 67493772, 67496421
  5. The problem of water pressure arises from household water supply. The water heater only heats up the water from the existing water pressure supplied to the heater.
  6. When the water pressure supplied to water heater is too high, especially for water storage heaters, it can cause the pressure relief valve to release the high pressure through the overflow pipe. Please call the building management personnel to find the cause of this high pressure. High water pressure can cause unnecessary water leakage.
  7. You can buy it directly from us at our Main Office in Ubi Tech Park, Blk 10 Ubi Crescent #02-18. Alternatively you can find out dealers at the dealer page link in the top menu bar above or contact our Customer Service Hotline. Tel: (+65) 62833181, 67493772, 67496421


  1. Warranty period of the product will be active from the day the product has been purchased.
  2. Please check that the electrical supply to the heater is switched on. Check that the green light on the water heater is lighted up. Instant water heater: Turn on the stop valve and the red light will light up with water flowing out from the shower head. Storage water heater: Check that the storage water heater has a red light turned. If you still do not have hot water, call us at our hotline. Tel: (+65) 62833181, 67493772, 67496421
  3. It will normally take 3-5 working days after a report has been made.
  4. JOVEN is committed to our service policy which is to attend to a service call depending on the urgency within 3 working days.
  5. It is advisable for clients to arrange a service meeting with our technicians because a doorstep service allows our technician to rectify problems such as water supply or electric supply problem
  6. Please contact JOVEN Customer Service number at Tel: (+65) 62833181, 67493772, 67496421.
  7. Warranty card and proof of purchase must be available for any warranty claims.
  8. For customers whose warranty period has expired, JOVEN would provide an additional 3 months warranty on the parts which have been serviced.
  9. All JOVEN services must be settled by cash.
  10. You can take endless hot showers with the hot water the JOVEN instant water heater provides. Because it does not use a tank, there is no limit. You and your family can enjoy shower after shower without running out of hot water. And since the JOVEN heats water only as it is drawn, you will also save on your water heating costs. You will save and have an endless supply of hot hater on demand.
  11. JOVEN is not responsible for service of water heaters from other brands.


  1. It could be possible that your wiring problem such as MCB under size. Please check and rectify it with your wireman and if it still trips after being checked, that means there is something wrong with thermostat & heating element and you have to call a qualified JOVEN Service technician to service your heater set.
  2. The term Dryburn is used to explain the problem of storage water heater electrical being switched on before water is filled within the tank causing the heating element or thermofius to burn. The copper heating element is to heat up the water like any element in the kettle. It's important to ensure that the tank is full of water to ensure heating element is always immersed in the water to avoid it from dryburn. Upon experiencing water shortage, please switch off your electrical supply to your storage water heater.
  3. Problems in installation normally arise from wrong installation or wiring problems. Please read the instruction manual carefully before performing any installation. Inlets and outlets must be on the correct side and ensure that water supply is on and there is proper electrical supply to the heater before turning on the water heater.
  4. There could be a problem arising from installation. Please read the instruction manual carefully before performing any installation. Heater tank must be filled with water for at least 10-15 minutes, tap outlet turned open to release any trapped gas within the tank before attempting to switch on the electrical supply. Storage water heaters are like the kettle system, the heating element must be submerged in water before attempting to introduce electrical supply to the heating element. Failure to do this will result in heating element, thermofius and thermostat getting burnt. This is a will cause warranty void as installation error is not covered under warranty.