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  1. This warranty form must be filled correctly and submitted via this website within 30 days of purchase.
  2. This warranty is non transferable and not assignable to any third party.
  3. It is effective from the date of purchase as shown on purchase receipt. This purchase receipt must be shown during a service repair. We reserve the right to charge a fee for product service repair work when no purchase receipt is produced.
  4. Joven Heaters installed for commercial use have a limited warranty. Please call us at 67496421 or 62833181 to inquire on this warranty.
  5. Joven Electric (S) Pte Ltd reserves the right to replace part or parts of the heater on conditions as stated, that the heater is not tampered with or replace by an unauthorized  person, dealer or sales agent. Any appliance or defective part which has been replaced shall become our property.
  6. Joven Electric (S) Pte Ltd bears no responsibility whatsoever if the installation of the heater is not carried out as recommended in our instruction manual, altered, carelessness in usage, the mains water pressure is low, broken rubber hose, faulty electrical switch, undersized electric supply cable and improper cable termination to water heater.
  7. All Joven heaters are tested before leaving the factory.
  8. Component Installation Model Warranty Period (from date of purchase) Warranty
    All Internal Components All Installation All Models First Year Repair or at Joven’s sole discreation, replace without cost for the owner on material * or labour for any internal component
    Heating Element Instant Water Heaters installed in a single family domestic premises All Models 2nd – 5th year Repair or at Joven’s sole discretion, replace the heating element * with installation /labour costs and transport the responsibility of the buyer
    Leak-proof Inner Cylinder Storage Water Heaters installed in a single family domestic premises All Models 2nd – 10th year Repair or at Joven’s discretion replace the heater tank (inner cylinder) with installation / labour costs and transportation the responsibility of the Buyer*. All other parts such as heating element, thermostat, etc shall not be replaced.
  9. This Warranty only applies to Joven water heater installed in a single family domestic premises.
  10. The buyer waives all or any claims to compensate monetary or otherwise for losses, damages ,defects and malfunctions caused by natural disasters, fire, theft, civil unrest and water damages from Joven water heater.
  11. By filling this application the buyer agrees to the above terms and conditions of warranty and allows Joven staff to clarify application.