Shower Filter

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SF 101

The solution for Cleaner Water for Showers


  • Activated Carbon Filter (Reduce Chlorine, Sediment and Odour from Water for a Healthier Skin & Hair)
  • Quick and Easy Installation (No Tools Required)
  • Reduces Cholrine, Sediments and odour in tap water
  • For clean, clear and chlorine-free showers
  • Heathier Skin and Hair
  • Reduces soap film build up on shower doors, curtains and tiles

Choose your color ( NOT ALL COLOURS AVAILABLE )

Activated Carbon Filter
  • Reduce chlorine, sediment and odour from water
  • Healthier skin and hair
Quick and Easy Installation
  • No tools required
  • Installed easily before shower head or shower rose
  • Low Working Water Pressure Required (15 psi)
  • Easy to Backwash (Reduce Pressure Drop Due to Blockage)