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MRL Geared Solar Powered

Motor-Roomless Lift By SELE, ITALY


  •  High technology at the service of energy savings
  • Lower installation and service costs
  • Ideal for existing buildings as it uses single phase power supply 3KW only


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Minimal Connections and Running Cost

The combination of single-phase 220 Volt power
supply and dedicated energy-saving systems means a
significant reduction of costs.

Clean Energy At Zero Cost

A patented “intelligent” system of adjustment takes
advantage of free and sustainable energy from the
photovoltaic panels. In the event of insufficient solar
power, function is guaranteed by mains power supply.

Safety Even If There Is A Power Cut

Additional batteries allow the lift to work even in the
case of prolonged power cuts, thus eliminating the risk
of users getting trapped.

A patented “intelligent” device ensures optimal management of the available energy sources, without overloading the mains network and protecting the storage batteries against premature wear due to overuse. The system has been designed to draw a maximum of 3 kW from the mains network, equivalent to the power provided under residential electricity contracts. During actuation of the lift a regulator compares (in real time) the power needed to operate it with the mains power
actually available and makes up the difference with a system of batteries that can be recharged using mains electricity or photovoltaic panels.
The storage batteries are charged individually. Therefore, if one battery malfunction or is damaged, this will not affect the normal operation of the lift. In the event of a blackout, the batteries will guarantee a sufficient supply for at least 80 trips under medium load.


If the building is already equipped with a photovoltaic system, the energy needed to operate the lift can be drawn entirely from it. In the absence of such a system, We can supply a single panel of about 1 sq.m for 240W of peak power, sufficient to replenish energy in the

SNG Tree Special Tree
Velocity 1,00 M/sec 0,80 M/sec
Entrances 1, 2 opposite 1, 2, 3
Machinery Permanent magnet gearless motor Geared motor actuated by avariable-frequency inverter
Distance between guide anchorage 2,5 M 1,5 M
Max stops 15 15